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20 octobre 2010 3 20 /10 /octobre /2010 15:27


Do you feel the leaves falling down?

When the tree is crying out its pain

Do you hear the birdsong all around?

They are just happy without rain


Do you feel a cold breath at dawn?

When the sun is hiding behind clouds

Do you believe that love can be found?

Is your heart speaking when you’re singing loud?


Will you show me I’m not alone?

With my feelings out

Will my tears be blown?

At the same time as my doubts


Do you feel your mind floating in the air?

Looking for a better place to stay

Don’t your feet feel tired of running anywhere?

There is no place for us, not even a way


Do you feel your fingers grazing bodies?

Just to know if they are still alive

Do you belong where bliss and pride decrease?

In this stream I will never dive

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Published by Wan
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